Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stealing pot from the police evidence locker ..... DUH!

FLORENCE - Two men who were working on renovations at the Florence Police Station are in jail after they were accused of taking 48 pounds of marijuana from the evidence locker.
Scott Raymond Burgert, 45, Old Cloverdale Road, Florence, and Bradley Thomas Jones, 40, Calhoun Street, Florence, are both charged with first-degree theft of property and trafficking marijuana, Florence Police Chief Rick Singleton said.
Singleton said the theft was discovered Tuesday and an investigation was immediately launched.
“Upon completion of the (remodeling) project, an audit was conducted (on the evidence vault) at which time it was discovered that some of the evidence was missing,” Singleton said. “An investigation was launched and information was obtained that implicated the construction workers who had been working in the vault.”
Authorities said the department received a tip that helped lead to the arrest.
Burgert and Jones are being held in the Lauderdale County Detention Center on bail of $30,000 each.

ok so you are going to seriously steal pot from the evidence locker and think that the cops are not going to notice. Ok so maybe you could have skimmed a little of the top and they would not have notices, but 48lbs??? really??


  1. That's ridiculous... Too much greed fucked them over

    Although I find it worrying they had that access to the vault, what if they destroyed the evidence of a case for someone paying them.

  2. What the qualification needed to work in evidence locker location? I could apply?

  3. fuck the police, coming straight outta canada