Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleepy bandits?? DUH

These two sleepy hooligans are Kyle Burress (top) and Allen PIerce (bottom). The two allegedly got drunk, busted open a storage container and hauled off to a grassy area with something soft to sleep on.

When the cops got to the scene, they only had to follow the trail of cushions, backpacks and other abandoned goods left behind by the thieves as they headed off to sleepy-time.

According to the police, they didn't so much as stir when one officer started taking photos. 

So what one guy says to the other .... Hey man lets steal some cushions and back packs to sleep on. We can get away with it. This will be so cool. And the other guy says ok lets do it? Wow I think the really stupid part is that they leave a trail for the cops to find them.