Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fake Pregnancy....DUH

Amber Jackson from Indianapolis, Indiana pretended to be pregnant with twins.  No big deal if she was just shoving a pillow in her shirt to impress her friends – but Jackson was doing it to steal money from prospective adoptive parents.

The 28-year-old non-pregnant Jackson received more than $6,000 in financial assistance from several adoption agencies plus a couple from Laporte Indiana, a couple from Columbus Indiana and from yet another couple from the state of Utah.

Her game fell-apart when it was realized that she had falsified medical records and other documents. She had moved the supposed due date of the twins from January 16 to March 22 and March 30 using three Social Security numbers and five different dates of birth for herself.

Jackson, who has five “real” kids of her own -  was arrested  and charged with three counts of forgery, four counts of theft and three counts of adoption deception.

Did she really think she could get away with it? What was she going to do, Steal 6 kids to give to the adoptive parents? Any comments on this?


  1. Ouch, maybe she should have just actually gotten prego again.

  2. thats a cool way of looking at it!

  3. Tsk... well, I guess some people will do anything to get by. I don't fault her all that much, but still... it's beat up.

  4. why would anyone do that? so dumb.

  5. I've seen people fake a lot of things. But never a pregnancy...

  6. that's insane, people don't think very far ahead it seems lol