Saturday, October 9, 2010

That K-9 cop car means nothing .... DUH

Two California men had what they thought was a great idea for making a few bucks -- breaking into a 40,000-square-foot building and stealing copper wiring from the vacant building. They ran into a bit of a problem by picking the wrong time to break into the Antioch, California, building.

When James Ayers, 26, and Frederick Guilliee, 38, decided to break in to the building, the Antioch police K-9 unit was using the building for a training exercise. A police officer was hiding inside the building for the police dog to practice trying to find him.
When the K-9 officer shouted out that a dog was about to be released and anyone inside should come out or risk being bitten, Ayers surrendered immediately.

The two were arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary.

Talk about your bad choices, and dumb bad luck. These guys should have just stayed at home in bed. What do you think?